Why should companies utilize social media and mobile technology?

It has been a couple of days now that I have worked extensively with social media accounts.  I have worked on setting up a Multiview Flickr account in addition to a MultiView Google+ Page.  I have learned more in the last couple of days about social media than I have the past entire year combined.


In setting up these accounts, I have realized that social media is needed to succeed and compete by all companies, large and small.  Why do you ask?  Let’s take for example an article I read in which Girl Scout cookies experienced cookie sales records over the last year.  The organization sold $800 million worth of product using Facebook and other social media sites to sell customers as far as Ireland.  For the first time ever, customers were also able to charge their orders to their credit cards via mobile credit card readers, making for a quick sales cycle.


This article is a prime example of how social media outlets and mobile technology continue to be integrated more and more to help impact companies’ bottom lines.  I also have realized that each outlet can be shared amongst other social media outlets as well.  After taking a picture, you can post it to your Instagram, then share it via Facebook, Twitter, etc.


I’d like to think in the next few years, we will continue to see an increase in companies’ usage in social media and mobile technology.

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