A slice of Chicago

As we approach the end of 2012, I keep reminding myself of the most memorable moments of the year. MultiView also experienced quite the journey over the past twelve months. Both the Dallas and Canada offices continue to experience tremendous growth and success overall. My MultiView career has been a journey in itself. I have traveled and worked on different teams as well as different departments within the Irving office.

One of my main hobbies other than sports is traveling. To me, traveling is one of the best ways to relax and break away from our daily lives. I enjoy the logistics of planning and executing an itinerary which was thought out months in advance. Some of my favorite places I have visited include San Diego, Denver, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, and Chicago. My trip to Chicago took place this past year.

Although the occasion for my trip to the Windy City involved a bachelor party for one of my friends, I was able to see and visit some great places Chicago has to offer. I arrived to Chicago O’Hare International with a friend of mine. We hopped on the “L” Train from the airport to our hotel downtown. During the train ride, I started noticing the similarities and differences between Chicago and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Some of the more notable places we were able to visit included the Signature Room of the John Hancock building for a view of the city some 90 floors up. All you can eat seats at the Chicago White Sox game Saturday afternoon was followed by a brief visit to Lincoln Park. I made it a point to try Chicago deep dish pizza. Gino’s East pizza was incredible. If you’ve never tasted deep pizza from Gino’s East you must try it; it will change your life!

Chicago White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field, Sept. 2012.

I enjoy packing a bag for a trip and the great feeling of anticipation that follows. At MultiView, the travels I have and will continue to experience are met with the same eagerness. There are other professionals within our organization that have also traveled the MultiView journey by switching roles on new projects and/or teams. One thing is for certain, we all have a story to tell of how we arrived to our current destinations at MultiView or in each of our daily lives.

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