What are you thankful for?

Watch MultiView’s Good Company – Documenting the entrepreneurial spirit of American Business.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 1.06.31 PMIn today’s stressful, technologically-connected world, it’s often difficult to find time to stop and reflect on the blessing in our lives. And while each of us face challenges every day, there’s so much to be thankful for – our family, our health, our freedom. Life is indeed precious, but you just never know what new, unexpected hand you might be dealt. Just ask the 1 in 10 American soldiers that, according to Veterans Inc., were disabled by injuries sustained in combat. Or talk to someone in the 15 percent of the world’s population that has some form of physical or mental disability and the people who consider themselves blessed to take care of them.

Some of the best entrepreneurial stories come out of unexpected challenges that life has dealt. Be Adaptive Equipment in Columbia City, Ind., is one such company. The mission behind their products is to help physically-challenged outdoorsmen enjoy the activities they love, such as hunting, shooting, fishing, archery and riding ATVs. The physical and emotional impact this company has on so many people can be seen in the second episode of “Good Company,” a documentary giving viewers a first-hand look into some of the most unique businesses in America.

The idea behind Be Adaptive Equipment began with a simple gesture by owner Brian Kyler. After a friend sustained severe injuries from a motorcycle accident that left him as a quadriplegic, Kyler used his background as a fourth generation fabricator and welder to find ways for his friend to regain the ability to participate in outdoor activities he loved. As the number of products Kyler was able to create grew, so did the interest – most of which was garnered online – and Be Adaptive Equipment was officially born.

Like most good entrepreneurs, Kyler was able to recognize a problem and find a solution for it. However, it’s not every day that the products of a small family business are able to make such an enormous impact. Whether Be Adaptive products allow people to do something that they’ve never done before, or let them return to their favorite hobbies, the sole purpose of this business is to improve the quality of life for their customers. And with a mission that that powerful, there’s an understandable ripple effect of happiness that reaches the friends and families that are able to watch their loved enjoy their favorite pastimes.

“Be Adaptive isn’t just a good company – they’re a morally good company,” said director Daniel Maitland. “What they are creating and how they are helping people completely transcends profit numbers and monetary figures.”

At MultiView, we’re thankful for the entrepreneurial spirit that drives businesses across America. It’s this sprit that has built this great country – a spirit that we take the time to celebrate every day.

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