Gamification and Your Company


Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. At MultiView, we are all in sales, but for the employees who aren’t making phone calls to potential advertisers, there are times some staff feel they cannot relate to the thrill of a big sale. Operations […]

Frankly Speaking: Toronto Tour Guide Part Five: Unbe-LEAF-able

Many of us grew up watching the MTV Music Awards every summer to see our favorite performers win the golden moon man trophies, as well as see their live performances on TV. Well, every year in June, Queen Street West is shut down so Much Music (Canadian version of MTV) can have their similar award show in […]

Frankly Speaking:Toronto Tour Guide Part Four: Humada Coladas with Bon Jovi

Located on Lake Ontario, Toronto Island is a popular attraction during the warmer part of the year. Just a short ferry ride will take you to a 570 acre island that is perfect for riding bikes, having a picnic (yes, I said it), and throwing the pigskin around like you are your favorite athlete, Franky […]

Frankly Speaking; Toronto Tour Guide Part Three (The Tommy Boy Tattoo Edition)

What was once the largest distillery in the world in the 1860s, later turned into the largest film studio outside of Hollywood, and is now a popular district in downtown Toronto. The Distillery District has seen many changes, but after two million gallons of whisky, and 800 film and television productions, this is one of […]

Frankly Speaking: Toronto Tour Guide Part Two

I’m back again to share with you a few more of my favorite Toronto destinations, and may drop an embarrassing Jennifer Love Hewitt story or two along the way. This week we will visit the new Texas A&M Alumni- Toronto chapter’s new post-game hangout, walk on the red carpet with he stars of the Toronto […]

Frankly Speaking: Toronto Tour Guide Pt. 1

In attempts to enlighten people unfamiliar with how awesome Toronto is, this will be part one of my ongoing series of blogs to back up my hype. Each week, I will act as a tour guide by showcasing a combination of three restaurants, bars and/or attractions that the great city of Toronto has to offer. […]

Frankly Speaking: I saw this day coming….Dallas vs. Toronto

I was hoping it would never have to come to this, but when Callie Cady told me about an article in Vogue (I swear she sent it, and that I do not read Vogue while waiting to get haircuts) that put Dallas in the same cultural arena as Toronto, I feel like I have to […]

Frankly Speaking: Forget Teddy Ruxpin, Get Viral This Holiday Season

Don’t you miss the days where a bottle of Michael Jordan or Curve cologne was a suitable gift for any male child, or an animal in the form of a charm from James Avery would put a smile on a girl’s face? Whatever happened to Stretch Armstrong, Teddy Ruxpin, and WWF Wrestling Buddies (brother)? These […]

Frankly Speaking: The Six Degrees of MultiView

“You know THE Steven Peterson? That’s crazy! He once scored four touchdowns in one game. What a small world! “ “Warren Patterson!? Yes, I know him. He taught me how to ride a bike. “ These are just a few examples of actual responses (lie) given in public settings when mutual friends discover they know […]

Frankly Speaking: Relating Sales to Sports

There have been many glorious days where I wake up with that devious smug look on my face (the one you all know and love/hate), knowing that many of my co-workers are expecting it. Some see me strut in the office, or try avoiding it, but overall, I will make it a point to make […]

Let me be Frank: Shawarma and poutine aren’t just hilarious words

Call it the gift that keeps on giving, or the taste of Toronto, but shawarma has taken this sophisticated gentleman by storm. When I first moved to majestic Canada, I used to play “hey, let’s try to get completely lost and find my way home” in downtown Toronto. During these outings, Joseph Gonzales and I […]

A slice of mediocrity

The crowd is on their feet. The clock is ticking, and the Toronto Raptors have the ball. A well-executed screen has led to an open player cutting to the basket, who gets the pass and dunks the ball with authority.   The arena erupts in celebration, and as the buzzer sounds, the Raptors fans all leave with […]

Rapport Report – Easy Tips for Networking Success

Want an easy way to get whatever you want, and make life a whole lot easier for yourself? Network! It is very simple, yet some people don’t take advantage of golden opportunities.   Leaving Dallas for Toronto, I felt that I was burning all the great rapport I had built up around the DFW area, […]

Welcome to MultiView Blogs

Hi, welcome to our site. I’ve been a blogger for a while, but I have never had the opportunity to have such a massive audience as I do now, so buckle up America/Canada/Humada, Spain (yes, I plan to smoke signal this blog to that small community). I have been with MultiView for over five years, […]