To Dallas, with Love.

I recently wrote a blog titled “To Utah, with Love” after returning home to Dallas from my first trip to Salt Lake City. I am now writing from Salt Lake City after having accepted a relocation offer from our Dallas office to head up the training efforts in our new sales office here. Let me tell you […]

To Utah, with Love.

I recently returned from one of the most enlightening, encouraging, and appreciated trips that I’ve ever had the fortune of taking. I was in Salt Lake City, Utah. While I was in Salt Lake City, what I appreciated the most, aside from my wonderful training classes, were the mountains. Everywhere I looked I could see […]

Dear Dad: Happy Valentine’s Day

We all remember that great line from Wedding Crashers don’t we? Claire Cleary: What is true love? John Beckwith: True love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another. Claire Cleary: Well. It’s a little cheesy but I like it. John Beckwith: Ah I saw it on a bumper sticker! In light of this […]

19 Things to Stop Doing In Your 20s

So, you’ve graduated college. You are entering the “real world” bright eyed and bushy tailed…now what? A friend of mine recently sent this article to me, and as I read through it I felt that in many ways it could be translated into some suggestions for the professional 20 something year old (or older) sales […]

Hold the mayo.

From the Forbes Article “40 Things to Say Before You Die” I love this one, it is simple yet powerful.  As sales professionals we know that asking for the sale is VITAL to the sales process.  But I am always astonished at how little it is done and how many sales professioals are actually terrified of […]

Book: Selling Fearlessly

I am writing this evening from the edge of excitement.  I recently became a Twitter user and through some of the amazing individuals that I follow I stumbled on a book that was recently published by Robert Terson called “Selling Fearlessly”.   As you may have recently read (if you didn’t know before) “We are […]

You’re Amazing.

 Have you ever said something that you wish you could take back?  We all have.  On the contrary have you ever chosen your words carefully to incite specific positive results?  If so, how often?  I stumbled across this article on Forbes Magazine’s (40 Things To Say Before You Die) website and I’ve been thinking about it for […]

What is your Extra Degree of difference?

As sales professionals I think that it’s possible to feel as if daily actions become monotonous and repetitive.  We often forget that we are just that – SALES PROFESSIONALS.  Meaning that we are professionally trained  for success in selling.  We are born with an innate ability to thrive under pressure, to push the limit, to think […]

Everyone has limits – not everyone accepts them.

I first heard of Felix Baumgartner by one of my training classes the day that he was first scheduled to make his “supersonic leap from the edge of space”.   Felix is an Austrian skydiver, daredevil and BASE jumper.  Up until that point I hadn’t heard of this scheduled attempt at free falling from over 120,000 […]

Connection and Ownership

 As a Sales Training Manager for Multiview, I find that one of my biggest challenges in the classroom is teaching our future Rockstars just how to create a sense of ownership for their clients connected to the space that they are selling.  I am always striving to be more effective in teaching this critical element of our […]