3 ways to turn millennials into association members

By Julie Bernhard The millennial membership mystery has had association executives scratching their heads for quite some time.  Unlike the previous generation, Generation Y has only one priority:  they come first.  From their selfie obsessions to their helicopter parents, outsiders have decided this squad operates in an entirely different reality than their baby booming predecessors. […]

3 best practices trade associations can learn from individual organizations

Emma Fitzpatrick

By Emma Fitzpatrick 2015 has proven to be a rather moderate year of association growth, according to the “2015 Membership Marketing Benchmark Report.” Yet, one type of association continues its four-year winning streak. Hybridization associations that combine company and individual memberships have more than doubled over the last four years, the new report states. And, […]

3 ways to engage the millennial age

By Julie Bernhard, Executive Editor at MultiView Millennials are often viewed as uncharted territory within the association sphere.  Brand new to the membership base, this generation can leave a lot of staff scratching their heads on how to handle them.  From selfies to participation trophies, this crew appears to operate in an entirely different reality than […]

The association open source content debate

The pace of innovation has many industries trying desperately to see into the future while navigating an ever-changing present. Not insulated from that are associations and trade groups. In fact, like some organizations (e.g. Kodak, Blockbuster), the digital information age is bringing into question the very raison d’etat for associations. Members are the foundation of any association, but with emerging options for finding the resources to which associations once held the master keys, association leaders are struggling with how to provide value and still pay the bills.

3 Keys to maximizing your 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo experience

The 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo in Nashville is quickly approaching. Between the exhibit hall and the list of dynamic speakers- not to mention all of the the social networking events and seminars- mapping out your schedule in order to maximize your conference potential may seem daunting. With that being said, here are some things to consider before you leave for this year’s conference in […]

Guest blogger, Amanda Kaiser: How is your mindset affecting your career?

Groggy and struggling to wake up in the morning, have you ever had someone say to you “somebody woke up on the wrong side of bed”? Whether well-meaning or snarky, that phrase does nothing to change your outlook on the day. But it does have the ring of truth to it. How much does our […]

The Key Ingredients to Your Association’s Success

As an employee of the leading B2B digital publisher in the association space, I have come across multiple inspiring association executives and thought leaders who want do what it takes to keep their associations at the forefront of their industries. I have also acquired a wealth of knowledge from each of these individuals about sustaining […]

Throwback Thursday: Association Edition

As MultiView‘s M Blogs have been underway for quite some time (and reach multiple audiences), I have decided to honor #TBT by providing a compilation of blog posts by a group of association thought-leaders who have recently covered the topics of member engagement and advice for emerging association professionals. Whether or not you are heavily involved in the association world, the […]

Tom Morrison’s Secrets to Member Engagement

Happy MemberViews Monday, everyone! This week’s post regarding our association blogger collaboration topic, “The Secret to Member Engagement is…,” references links to advice from association guru, Tom Morrison. As an association CEO and affluent speaker, Tom knows the ins and outs of the association world! Be sure to follow him on Twitter @tommorrison and check out his blog at http://www.tommorrison.blogspot.com.   To […]

The Secret to Member Engagement is….The Personal Touch

Welcome back to MemberViews Monday! This week’s post about the secret to member engagement is by Christina Green, association and chamber consultant, as well as an association blogger. To check out more of her awesome work, visit http://www.christinargreen.com/. Here’s Christina’s secret to member engagement: Member engagement is as elusive as courtship and love. There are […]

The Secret to Member Engagement is…Developing Brand Ambassadors

Welcome to another week of MemberViews Monday! The series we are currently covering is entitled “The Secret to Member Engagement is…” Today’s post is by yours truly! In case you missed last week’s post by Sarah Hill of MemberClicks, you can view it here. Without further ado, here is my advice on member engagement: When the […]

Guest Blogger, Sarah Hill: The Secret to Member Engagement Is… Being Nosy!

Welcome back to MemberView’s Monday, a blog collaboration of association professionals! The series we have been focusing on lately is “The Secret to Member Engagement is…”; and this week’s post is from my dear friend, Sarah Hill. Sarah is the primary blogger for MC Talks, the blog for MemberClicks, an Association Management Software provider.  She loves […]

Guest Post from Amanda Kaiser: The Two Secrets of Member Engagement from an Engaged Member

Happy MemberViews Monday! Today’s guest post on our association blogger collaboration topic “The secret to member engagement is…” is a fresh look from the eyes of a new association member, Amanda Kaiser.   Amanda helps associations understand their member’s most critical problems. You can find her writing on her blog http://www.SmoothThePath.net on association marketing, innovation and engagement and on […]

Guest Post: The Secret to Member Engagement Is…Acting!

Happy MemberViews Monday! As a refresher to those of you keeping up with our blog, MemberViews is an association blogger collaboration used to provide useful information for association professionals to then go apply to their own associations. This new series focuses on member engagement. Today’s post is by Meagan Rockett, who blogs for Greenfield Services in […]

3 Pieces of Advice for Emerging Association Professionals

It’s Monday…which also means it’s MemberViews Monday! Today we are sharing the last blog in our current series of collaborative blogs on “Advice for the Emerging Association Professional.” Today’s post is by yours truly! I hope you enjoy it!: As a fairly new addition to the association world (I’ve really been completely submerged in it […]