3 ways intramurals help employees succeed at work and beyond

Christina, a sales representative on floor 8, was greeted with cheers and applause as she trudged towards the base ready and willing to hit a home run. Hope was at an all-time high for team Dingers and Stingers.  The next 15 minutes of the game would determine whether they would lose, or emerge as the […]

Hire X-Men.

A recent post from Mashable discusses the following three hiring questions that Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, outlined over 15 years ago that are still incredibly important, but often overlooked today:   Will you admire this person? Will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of the group they’re entering? Along what dimensions might this […]

4 Ways to avoid complacency at work

The most recent national study published about employee engagement shows that 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work, meaning that only ¼ of all employed Americans are actively involved in their day-to-day tasks in the workplace. While this is concerning for employers in the realms of recruiting and working to engage current employees, […]

Adios AIDA and ABC

This gives leaders time to move from emotional to effective.

Guest Blogger, Caitlin Harrison: Company culture matters more than you think

MultiView Culture - Chairless Meeting

Today’s employees are more disengaged than ever. A recent Gallup poll found this is true of 70 percent of American workers. Improving your company culture could be the key to turning this trend around. It can keep employees happy and staying at your company longer, according to research. If you’re seeing a great deal of […]

Guest Blogger, Claire Bedford: HR Internship Takeaways

What a humbling experience it’s been working here at MultiView. I’m so thankful that I was given an opportunity to intern in the Human Resources department of the company. As far as the day-to-day tasks these past three weeks, I have mostly helped enter potential candidates into the applicant tracking system and filed various documents […]

Guest Post: Why there’s no need to have a dress code in the workplace

By Christina Nava Here at MultiView, most of the employees come to work dressed casually while some wear business casual attire. In other words, there is no strict dress code enforced. But doesn’t that go against everything traditional corporate America represents? Maybe so. After all, the whole point of a dress code in the first […]

The advantages of a positive attitude & strong work ethic

“Your attitude determines your altitude.” It’s a phrase commonly used to lift perspective and encourage productivity. Although it may come off as cliché, there is merit in the cleverly worded couch. Everyone is looking for a way to better themselves.  Many would rather take a shortcut in order to achieve success, but it is often […]

Guest blogger, Amanda Kaiser: How is your mindset affecting your career?

Groggy and struggling to wake up in the morning, have you ever had someone say to you “somebody woke up on the wrong side of bed”? Whether well-meaning or snarky, that phrase does nothing to change your outlook on the day. But it does have the ring of truth to it. How much does our […]

Pioneer in the Workplace: Traditional vs Modern Office Culture

The success of any business depends on the excellence of its employees. To reach its full potential, a business needs to attract and retain the best in the field, and encourage and enable employees to give their best efforts at work. MultiView is one company that recognizes the value of its employees. It prides itself on being […]

Job-Hunting 101

You are here. On the job market. Please allow me to be your tour guide on your quest for employment. I’m willing to disclose some tips and tricks that I look for in a candidate as a recruiter at MultiView. We’ll start from the beginning: the resume. This is going to sound incredibly obvious, but […]

Managing Your Online Professional Presence

Let me preface this blog with this: Modern technology job hunting is all I’ve ever known. Old legends and wives’ tales tell of times where people could be hired into careers based solely off of a piece of paper– called a résumé– and a few kind words from friends and mentors — called references. News […]

The Jackpot of Internships

Summer is finally upon us, even though it hasn’t really felt like it this year with all of the chilly weather. I mean, we had the COLDEST May 3rd ever at 39 degrees. I’m used to escaping to the pool and sand volleyball by as early as March. This is beside the point. May is […]

What do you want in Life? What is your Goal?

Ask anyone from anywhere around the globe and their answer will go something like this: “I WANT TO BE HAPPY!” And isn’t that the truth… Today is the International Day of Happiness… UGH! What is that? Where does it come from?  When I first found out, I reacted the exact same way you did:  I didn’t know such a celebration existed!  […]

9 to Fitness: Doing What You Love

“Do what you love” is great advice not only for your work, but for your workouts! Maybe you can convince yourself to suffer through a workout you hate for a week or two (or five), but unless you’ve got the willpower of a dieting elephant in a peanut factory, it’s not going to stick. Finding […]