MultiView boosted creativity and connectivity with our Hot & Fresh Expo on March 15th

We can’t resist telling you a little bit about our most recent exciting event: the 5th Creativity: Hot & Fresh Expo held on March 15th at the company headquarters in Irving, Texas. On the surface, this event looks like it’s all about eating a free lunch and milling around the unique vendor booths that line the yoga room. But it’s so much more […]

6 tips for handling difficult clients

By Mariama Holman and Kate Buhr At one point or another, everyone runs into a challenging client. They are rude, demanding, curt, and maybe even curse over the phone. Here are a few quick tips for turning those sour lemons into lemonade. Don’t take it personally. Oftentimes, when a client is upset, it’s not you […]

3 ways intramurals help employees succeed at work and beyond

Christina, a sales representative on floor 8, was greeted with cheers and applause as she trudged towards the base ready and willing to hit a home run. Hope was at an all-time high for team Dingers and Stingers.  The next 15 minutes of the game would determine whether they would lose, or emerge as the […]

Adios AIDA and ABC

This gives leaders time to move from emotional to effective.

Pioneer in the Workplace: Intramurals and Fitness

One of the most unique ways that a company can be a true pioneer in the workplace is to foster a healthy work environment with ways to decrease employee stress and increase employee camaraderie.   “Behavioral factors contribute to the emotional benefits of exercise. As your waistline shrinks and your strength and stamina increase, your […]

Playing in the workplace

The 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition is offering a multitude of educational sessions that would benefit any professional, but one of these particular sessions- scheduled on Sunday, August 30 and entitled “Have Fun at Work…Learn How to Play”– really stands out. Below is the synopsis by the speaker, Rhea Blanken of Blanken Consulting/Results Technology, […]

Guest Blogger, Caitlin Harrison: Company culture matters more than you think

MultiView Culture - Chairless Meeting

Today’s employees are more disengaged than ever. A recent Gallup poll found this is true of 70 percent of American workers. Improving your company culture could be the key to turning this trend around. It can keep employees happy and staying at your company longer, according to research. If you’re seeing a great deal of […]

Guest Blogger, Claire Bedford: HR Internship Takeaways

What a humbling experience it’s been working here at MultiView. I’m so thankful that I was given an opportunity to intern in the Human Resources department of the company. As far as the day-to-day tasks these past three weeks, I have mostly helped enter potential candidates into the applicant tracking system and filed various documents […]

Guest Post: Discovering company culture through the beat of a happy tune

MultiView Culture

By Bianca Gibson As defined by, company culture is the personality of a company and defines what the organization is like to work for from the employee’s perspective. Loud music, food trucks for lunch, over-the-top holiday parties, telework opportunities and a relaxed dress code, are all examples that produce company culture. And although the […]

Guest Post: Why there’s no need to have a dress code in the workplace

By Christina Nava Here at MultiView, most of the employees come to work dressed casually while some wear business casual attire. In other words, there is no strict dress code enforced. But doesn’t that go against everything traditional corporate America represents? Maybe so. After all, the whole point of a dress code in the first […]

Guest blogger, Amanda Kaiser: How is your mindset affecting your career?

Groggy and struggling to wake up in the morning, have you ever had someone say to you “somebody woke up on the wrong side of bed”? Whether well-meaning or snarky, that phrase does nothing to change your outlook on the day. But it does have the ring of truth to it. How much does our […]

Pioneer in the Workplace: Imagine a Million-Dollar Idea

Mashable recently published the article, What Are Effective Methods for Brainstorming a Million-Dollar Idea? In it, points such as going meta, combining concepts, being sensitive to pain, bringing tools to an existing problem, and adapting to changing conditions can all be found in the entrepreneurial spirit of the MultiView employee. Read the rest of the article here. […]

A Day in the Life of the MultiView DJ

The current DJ here at MultiView is a young man by the name of Dutch Lamons.  He has motivation in his bones, and uses that motivation to foster a fun and positive atmosphere at MultiView. The combination of a charismatic attitude and broad music knowledge make him a great MJ (MultiView’s DJ). Dutch arrives before 7 […]

Transparency in the Workplace

As the digital world grows and kids are raised in an environment where information is available to them at a moment’s notice, employees are demanding a more transparent business model. Dwindling are the days of record keeping on paper, so the information employees want to know is often just a click away. MultiView is leading […]

Pioneer in the Workplace: Whose Grass is Greener?

During my daily perusing sesh on Mashable (gotta stay hip with the times, feel me?), I stumbled upon an article that really hit home for me. Exhibit A: 5 Factors to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer. Basically, in today’s job market it is oh-so-easy to have a “grass is greener” mindset before you really […]