What’s the Intent of your Content?

man writing content marketing

In so many marketing strategies, pumping out content on every subject in a certain niche is just a given. While elaborate calendars spell out the plan for each piece, sometimes the walls of text in all those blogs and ebooks is built on the shaky foundation of an unclear purpose. In other words, building your […]

6 tips for handling difficult clients

By Mariama Holman and Kate Buhr At one point or another, everyone runs into a challenging client. They are rude, demanding, curt, and maybe even curse over the phone. Here are a few quick tips for turning those sour lemons into lemonade. Don’t take it personally. Oftentimes, when a client is upset, it’s not you […]

Multi Marketing: Admitting You Have a Problem

What’s the first step of any rehabilitation program? Admitting you have a problem. Companies are built by individuals, which brings along an inherent ability to mess things up. No one is perfect. No company is perfect. If you think you are, we may need to have an intervention. The good news? We can always make up […]

Multi Marketing: What do Billboards and Clean Drinking Water Have in Common?

The answer was, until very recently, absolutely nothing. However, the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru decided to change that. Lima, Peru gets less than 2 inches of rain every year, but has an atmospheric humidity of about 98%. This has created a huge issue for the residents trying to get clean drinking water with […]

Guest Blogger, Sarah Hill: Advice for the Emerging Association Professional

Happy Monday, everyone! This is the fourth week of  MemberViews Monday, a collaboration association professionals who have teamed up to share their experiences and knowledge with other association professionals in blog-form! The first topic in this series, which is being covered by all of our bloggers, is “Advice for the Emerging Association Professional.” Last week’s post was by Deirdra Reid, CAE, and it […]

Guest Post by Kiki L’Italien: Advice for the Emerging Association Professional

Over the next several weeks, we will be featuring a weekly blog post (every Monday) from a selected group of association bloggers, association friends, fans, and movers and shakers in the association world! These guest blog posts are meant to bring a fresh perspective to our readers as well as fresh ideas and knowledge from […]

Multi Marketing: 10 Steps to Better Social Marketing

Let’s be honest, social media is huge. If you don’t have someone managing your company’s or association’s social media pages, you’re behind. By a lot. I know that budgets are tight and sometimes the marketing managers have to wear several hats. On top of SEO, e-mail marketing, creating new and interesting content, and measuring results […]

‘Good Company’ Releases 9th Preview Trailer Featuring Leading Playground Manufacturer

If you haven’t been following the making of MultiView‘s “Good Company,” you should start now. If you have, well, keep going! We have our 9th (of eleven) preview trailer now available, featuring Minnesota-based Cre8Play. The playground has entered a new era thanks to the innovative designers and builders at Cre8Play. That’s what happens when you […]

Social Media Marketing Do’s

In a recent MultiBriefs article,  Emma Fitzpatrick, assistant account manager at Garden Media, highlights a common mistake that will likely tank your social media strategy. She backs her statement with evidence, as well as tips for a solution. So, what is this common mistake that will tank your social media strategy? According to Emma, focusing on lead generation and online sales as your primary objective will lead to […]

Networking 101: Helping Others

A big question you should ask yourself when building your network is: “What can I do for others?” Believe it or not, the biggest part of networking is figuring out what you bring to the table and how you can help others. And actually, having this mindset will ultimately lead to your networking success. Once again, I’m referencing […]

Product Placement Perplexities

While watching the new episode of The Big Bang Theory, I started wondering how much The Cheesecake Factory paid to be mentioned so often as the restaurant where Penny works (I know, marketing mind. I can’t help it). After searching the all-knowing Internet, I found a statement from a Cheesecake Factory spokesperson that says no […]

Pink Pride- Wear it Pink Day at MultiView

Last night, the White House was illuminated with pink lights in support of the worldwide movement to stop breast cancer in its tracks. Pretty cool, huh? Individuals and organizations from all over the world join together annually in the month of October to do one thing- help stop breast cancer from taking lives. So, in honor and support of […]

The Power of Current Content: Association Edition

Over the course of my tenure in my current profession and in having discussions with association executives on a daily basis, one thing that continuously comes full circle in our talks is the importance of current, relevant and updated content. Content is what makes the association the central hub of its particular industry when it comes to information, […]

“Good Company” Preview Features Manufacturers of High-end Play Homes

Another preview for one of the episodes on MultiView‘s ‘Good Company’ Web documentary series is now available, featuring, Finleyville, Pa.-based Lilliput Play Homes! For over 20 years, Pittsburg-based Lilliput Play Homes has been upping the ante in backyard fun. These manufacturers of high-end, intricate indoor and outdoor play homes make old school swing sets look […]

Check Out the New “Good Company” Episode 5 Preview!

Did you know there’s a company out there that collects and sells owl vomit to elementary schools and boy scout troops for educational purposes? Well, if you didn’t, you do now! Learn something new everyday, right? MultiView‘s “Good Company” tour has had the privilege of capturing this company’s story on camera, which will be featured on Episode 5 of […]