Ideas for making the most of a limited marketing budget

By Julie Bernhard A massive marketing budget can do wonders for a company.  Unlimited ad spend, media buys across all channels, and promotions for days are all music to a CMO’s ears.  The reality of the situation however, is that those – like unicorns – don’t really exist.  Thanks to the increasing costs of strictly […]

Why big data isn’t just for B2C

Take a moment to stop thinking of yourself as a marketer, and start thinking like your buyer. Do you really believe your buyer only views case studies, white papers and testimonials when they browse the web? Trust me, they don’t exit the “consumer” internet and enter the “business” one as they push through the office […]

4 ways display advertising drives site traffic

Display ads served to the right audience at the right time increases messaging reach, keeps B2B brands top-of-mind, and boosts positioning. They drive traffic to the brand’s website, priming prospective clients for further engagement. Targeted digital display ads are ideal for increasing site traffic through brand awareness: Reaches prospects early Approximately 71 percent of B2B […]

Three big questions to consider before starting a digital display advertising campaign

The famous 19th century author, Lewis Carroll, once wrote “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” The same holds true for B2B digital display advertising. Audience targeting techniques are essential for helping your business reach buyers online with digital display advertising. However, one cannot identify the exact targeting technique […]

What is audience targeting?

Audience targeting is an essential tool for any B2B marketer’s digital advertising campaign. It enables B2B marketers to identify, locate and communicate with their specific buyers no matter where or when they roam, online. Google reports that 71 percent of B2B researchers start their solutions research with generic online searches. Furthermore, buyers are typically 57 […]

MultiView encourages employee creativity with the 4th annual Celebrate Creativity: Hot and Fresh Expo event

By Alex McMichael, Marketing Specialist MultiView inspired creative thinking through their 4th inaugural Celebrate Creativity: Hot & Fresh Expo event on Nov. 11 at the company’s headquarters in Irving, Texas. The company strives to bring out the creativity in every employee within every department – no matter what their daily tasks are. “Creativity is the […]

MultiView hosts digital media sales recruiting event July 29th in Toronto, Canada

Toronto, July 14, 2015 – MultiView, North America’s largest B2B digital marketing company is hosting a digital media sales recruiting event July 29th from 6:00PM – 8:00PM EST at its Toronto Office at 50 Minthorn Blvd., Suite 800 Thornhill, ON L3T 7X8. This occasion will give Canadian job seekers an opportunity to learn more about […]

Don Draper, meet big data

This article was written by Callie Wheeler, MultiView Account Manager, and was originally featured on Programmatic   If you’re anything like me, when you first heard the term “programmatic advertising,” you couldn’t decide if it had something to do with the TV Guide on grandma’s coffee table, those rotating billboards that annoy you while […]

MultiView inspires employees’ imagination with Creativity: Hot and Fresh event May 15th

Company hosts event to encourage creative thinking in all departments MultiView believes in stimulating creativity and innovation in all of its employees. “Creativity is the force that spurs us to find new ways to improve our business and the services we offer our partners and clients. Outside-of-the-box thinking is not just beneficial for artists, but […]

A look at the humanity driving the digital marketing machine – Canadian office spotlight

Every MultiView digital campaign begins and ends with our talented sales force. However, a skilled and attentive team of creatives, ad ops professionals, analysts, account managers and a wide variety of other employees are the human touch that bring every digital marketing campaign to life. Meet the Toronto, Canada Office From Left to Right: Jeff […]

The death of the programmatic advertising industry

Originally featured on Programmatic  Because of programmatic advertising’s wide array of powerful targeting methods and tools, advertisers have more cost-effective, personalized options they can use to reach their audiences. However, we believe that the business of programmatic advertising is dying even though the technology holds tremendous potential.  The issue lies in an ailing programmatic industry […]

MultiView’s Good Company Documentary Series Highlights Small Business Entrepreneurs

MultiView honors creative thinking and the entrepreneurs who embody it. The company believes that small, family-owned businesses are the heartbeat of North American innovation.  During the past few years, MultiView scoured the U.S. and Canada in search of family business owners pursuing their dreams by creating new solutions to age-old problems. In the process, MultiView created Good Company, a series of mini-documentaries featuring a wide range […]

B2B Marketing Myth Busters: Marketing Automation

By Carl Robitaille Myth 3: Programmatic advertising is “set it and forget it.” Nothing could be further from the truth – the algorithms can’t do it all. Programmatic advertising requires human oversight, monitoring and optimization to get the most out of it, especially when it comes to reaching niche audiences. A programmatic advertising algorithm is like […]

B2B Marketing Myth Busters: Search Retargeting

By Carl Robitaille Myth 2: Programmatic advertising is all about search retargeting. Search retargeting just barely scratches the surface of programmatic advertising’s capabilities. There are many other types of targeting that fall into play for programmatic: contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, look-alike targeting, time-based targeting, emotional targeting, audience targeting, demographic targeting, site retargeting and email retargeting. […]

B2B Marketing Myth Busters: Data Exchange Partners

By Carl Robitaille  Myth 1: B2B marketers only need 1 data exchange partner. Consumers are like complex jig-saw puzzles. To solve the puzzle, you first need to have all of the puzzle pieces. Next, you need to understand the relationship between the puzzle pieces. The more information, the better. If you focus on only one […]