Reaching larger geographic regions with advertising

By Danielle Manley Marketing and advertising over the past couple of years has focused on taking advantage of up-and-coming technologies. One of the most sought-after concepts has been geotargeting – delivering specific content to an audience based on their exact location. While geotargeting has unlimited potential, it’s not the answer to every company’s marketing and […]

6 tips for handling difficult clients

By Mariama Holman and Kate Buhr At one point or another, everyone runs into a challenging client. They are rude, demanding, curt, and maybe even curse over the phone. Here are a few quick tips for turning those sour lemons into lemonade. Don’t take it personally. Oftentimes, when a client is upset, it’s not you […]

3 ways to use video to promote your brand

For companies looking to improve their online presence organically, they should consider a video campaign. Videos can educate potential clients on a company’s product offering or overall brand as well as potential employees on the company culture. Here are three ways a company can utilize video to gain new clients and the right employees. Create […]

Multi Marketing: Admitting You Have a Problem

What’s the first step of any rehabilitation program? Admitting you have a problem. Companies are built by individuals, which brings along an inherent ability to mess things up. No one is perfect. No company is perfect. If you think you are, we may need to have an intervention. The good news? We can always make up […]

Multi Marketing: Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

If there is any company that has exemplified not taking themselves too seriously, it’s Dissolve. They are a stock video footage company that allows you to purchase clips of professional quality to add to your online video ads and TV commercials without paying an arm and a leg to have it filmed just for you. […]

Multi Marketing: What do Billboards and Clean Drinking Water Have in Common?

The answer was, until very recently, absolutely nothing. However, the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru decided to change that. Lima, Peru gets less than 2 inches of rain every year, but has an atmospheric humidity of about 98%. This has created a huge issue for the residents trying to get clean drinking water with […]

Guest Blogger, Christina Green: Advice for the Emerging Association Professional

This week’s post in the MemberView association blogger collaboration “Advice for the Emerging Association Professionals” series is by guest blogger, Christina Green. Christina is an association and chamber consultant, as well as association blogger. You can see more of her work here! Christina decided to contribute a very useful video this week! In this video, she […]

Good Company: Discovering American Ingenuity Through the Association World

“Day in and day out, MultiView contacts thousands of associations’ members. But as we listen to their unique business stories, we often wish we could spend a little more personal time with each… So we set out on a 12,000 mile trek across America to find the dreamers, the believers and the achievers…” When MultiView […]

Multi Marketing: Twitter Bowl – Esurance and JCPenney

I’m sure most of you watched at least part of the Super Bowl this past Sunday. Let’s be honest, the ads were the best part of that whole event. In case you missed Callie’s post on the best commercials, you can see that one here. Most of the major brands spending millions of dollars on […]

Multi Marketing: Using Nostalgia in Advertising

Some things will just always give certain generations that nostalgic feeling. While I was born in the 80’s, most of my childhood was spent in the 90’s. Things like 56k modems, The Oregon Trail and Pogs will always bring back great memories. For other generations, it may be swing dancing or poodle skirts. Perhaps your childhood […]

Multi Marketing: Content-Based Ads Work

If you’ve spent any time in the marketing world lately, you’ve learned that content marketing is important. It’s important to your business, but it’s really important to your customers. People are tired of products being pushed on them when they didn’t ask for it. From TV, radio and online ads to billboards, magazines and newspapers, […]

Multi Marketing: Using Cats in Your Advertising

Let’s face it. People love cats. Even if you’re among the people who claim to dislike those little balls of fur, who can really resist the adorable videos of cats that have flooded the Internet? Many companies have been leveraging cats in their marketing strategies for years, and it has been paying off. From one […]

Multi Marketing: Marketing Done Right – WestJet Case Study

If you want to see what good marketing looks like, take a look at the video the Canadian Airline WestJet posted to their YouTube channel on December 8th. In just three days, they have received over 9 million views. Why did this video go viral? They focused on their consumer instead of on increasing sales. By treating […]

‘Good Company’ Releases 9th Preview Trailer Featuring Leading Playground Manufacturer

If you haven’t been following the making of MultiView‘s “Good Company,” you should start now. If you have, well, keep going! We have our 9th (of eleven) preview trailer now available, featuring Minnesota-based Cre8Play. The playground has entered a new era thanks to the innovative designers and builders at Cre8Play. That’s what happens when you […]

Good Company Preview Trailer Showcases Leading Mechanical Bull Manufacturer

For anyone who has dared to jump on a mechanical bull or a similar ride at an amusement park, fair or local bar, you’ve probably had an encounter with Galaxy Multi Rides products and not even known it. Simply put, they are the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical bull multi ride systems. To date, their products have brought success […]