Where does the time go? What people do most online [Infographic]

We live in a world that’s constantly connected to the internet, and that’s no different for your customers and prospects. In fact, most people spend 7 to 8 hours online throughout the day, doing everything from checking email to engaging in social media to shopping online. Luckily for marketers, this is all time that they […]

3 B2B marketing data collection ideas that will rock your world

By Julie Bernhard, Executive Editor at MultiView The data revolution is upon us – and it’s rocking the way we do business.  Data visualization, predictive analytics, and other big data technologies have replaced our prehistoric ways of synthesizing information thanks to data of a much larger magnitude.  While tracking consumer behavior is no new concept to […]

B2B marketing – mobile or bust

By Bob Kowalski, Senior Editor at MultiView Hitting a mobile target has always been a difficult task, and these days more targets than ever are on the move. Nearly two-thirds of Americans use a smartphone, according to recent research by the Pew Research Center, and the growth is continuing. That number is up from 35 […]

Association and B2B marketers take a new look at email

B2B email marketing

By Shawn Smajstrla, Senior Business Editor at MultiBriefs Ask most people how they feel about email marketing, and you’ll likely get a moan. Spam and cluttered inboxes have tarnished email’s reputation. In fact, there’s a growing contingent that will argue email in general is in its death rattle, that it’s merely a short matter of […]

Tips for Overcoming Objections in the Workplace

Many workplace leaders might remember those defining moments on their youth sports teams. They recall those opportunities where they could have taken a shot for the winning goal, or fallen back from the fear that they could not achieve their hopes. The legendary NBA Basketball star, Michael Jordan famously said “I‘ve missed more than 9,000 […]

Multi Marketing: Subject Lines for Email Marketing

Subject lines. How do you convince your recipients to open your email in less than 50 characters? Over the past month, the marketing team at MultiView has conducted tests to figure out just that. Inspired by March Madness right around the corner, we have devised a bracket system to put two subject lines against each other to […]

Multi Marketing: Turning a Crisis Situation Into an Ad Campaign

Just about anything is able to be turned into a positive ad campaign. Yes, you read that correctly. Apprehensive? Read on. If you want to learn how to really take a crisis situation your company is in and turn yourself into a hero, get out a notepad and a pen and let’s take a look […]

Multi-Marketing: Where to Place Ads

Last week, I discussed a little bit about what to put on your ads; but this week, I’d like to take a look at where you should put them. You seem to have an unlimited amount of options, but there are a few ways you can narrow down where your ads will be the most […]

Multi Marketing: Call-To-Action vs. Brand Advertising

Your Ad Here

If you’ve ever purchased advertising for your company or for another company, you’ve probably had the great debate on the seemingly endless possibilities of HOW to deliver your message to your audience. Do you want to go with online advertisements, TV commercials, newspaper ads, or sponsor the Super Bowl? Should you hire a teenager to […]

Totally ‘Doe-minate’ the boards today

Writers look for inspiration anywhere they can find it. The beauty of a magnificent rainbow. The carefree smile of a young child. The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day of a coworker. Or maybe the inspirational book that moves them to not only words, but action. But you know what? Sometimes – much like […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I live my life by concentrating on a main principle: You never get anything if you don’t ask.  Did you know you can get a quesadilla at Chipotle?  It’s not on the menu board, but if you ask, they will make it for you.  It is delicious.  People miss out on so much simply because […]

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

The most constant thing at MultiView is change.  In the protean world of digital media and sales, change is the force which drives success.  Being part of the sales force means being susceptible to change and embracing new ideas.  No matter how superstitious you are, there must be some correlation between falling into a ‘sales […]

MultiView’s web comedy, School and Board: episode 2

Happy Wednesday, ladies and gents! If you need a laugh and a break from the monotony today, check out episode two of MultiView‘s innovative web comedy series, School and Board. Nominated for a Streamy Award (the Emmys for web media), School and Board was produced and filmed by MultiView‘s Director of Cinematography, Daniel Maitland. If you like […]

Be fearless, baby?

So I might or might not have gone through a period of time in my life where I found pranking to be one of my favorite pastimes.  And to make matters worse, I have a friend who participates as well as encourages the concept. One night – my friend and I were at my sister’s […]

Tips for effectively tracking ROI for online advertisers

Most everyone is familiar with the term ROI (Return on Investment). If you have taken an introductory business course this was probably one of the first topics covered. I have found by working with clients there are many ways to better track ROI when it comes to advertising. Working on multiple NewsBrief projects here at […]