Summer Intern for Multiview

It may just be a little after sunrise, but at 7:15 AM it is no doubt that I am just itching for that first cup of coffee. However, the moment the elevator door opens onto the 8th floor, I am greeted by modern tunes whose melodies instantaneously encourage a good mood. Passing by the surrounding […]

9 to Fitness: Going the Distance – 5 Marathon Tips

I wrote a few weeks ago about running the Dallas Rock n Roll half marathon and how much fun (and familiar) it was. Halves are fantastic—and they’re my roommate’s favorite distance—but it’s time to up the ante and talk about my real love: the full marathon. At 26.2 miles, the marathon runs you. Only elite […]

You’re Amazing.

 Have you ever said something that you wish you could take back?  We all have.  On the contrary have you ever chosen your words carefully to incite specific positive results?  If so, how often?  I stumbled across this article on Forbes Magazine’s (40 Things To Say Before You Die) website and I’ve been thinking about it for […]

8th Floor Tactics for Positive Sales Growth

Every new sales trainee starts on the 8th floor at MultiView, and it is my job along with a few other brave souls to guide and teach each trainee so that they will be prepared to move on to the next step. Given my time and experience at MultiView, I have found that by applying […]

Connection and Ownership

 As a Sales Training Manager for Multiview, I find that one of my biggest challenges in the classroom is teaching our future Rockstars just how to create a sense of ownership for their clients connected to the space that they are selling.  I am always striving to be more effective in teaching this critical element of our […]