3 ways to stand out to B2B buyers


B2B companies often compete in very niche markets, which makes reaching their target audiences online a challenge. Thankfully, through appropriately leveraging first and third-party data, there are several ways to overcome this barrier.

View your buyer from the right perspective

An online user can be viewed from two very different perspectives, depending on whether the advertiser is B2B or B2C. Make sure that you are viewing your buyer through the appropriate lens in order to truly reach the right person at the right time with the right messaging, online.

Learn how B2B and B2C perspectives differ in online marketing

Don’t just communicate with the decision-makers

B2B purchases are not made in isolation, with only the input of c-suite or senior level executives. According to Google, 81 percent of non-C suite employees have a say in purchasing decisions. The purchase process actually involves input from multiple audiences, such as end-users, internal influencers, people that buy from your competitors and people that currently buy from you. Creating a strategy that reaches all of these different audiences not only builds brand awareness, but increases their likelihood to convert on your website.

Learn how to build online buyer profiles

Continually show up where buyers are searching, online

Industry professionals are constantly browsing the internet for new information. From checking the weather to reading industry related news, these professionals generally visit a wide variety of websites. Audience targeting gives marketers the ability to target their specific audience online with multiple factors, such as their keyword searched, websites visited and even articles read.

Learn more about audience targeting

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