What are you thankful for?

Watch MultiView’s Good Company – Documenting the entrepreneurial spirit of American Business. In today’s stressful, technologically-connected world, it’s often difficult to find time to stop and reflect on the blessing in our lives. And while each of us face challenges every day, there’s so much to be thankful for – our family, our health, our […]

What makes an effective Google Hangout?

An integral part of marketing is figuring out how to effectively communicate with an audience. Today’s society is constantly pulled in different directions by a flood of media platforms, so businesses need to have a strategy in place that reaches their market most effectively. It’s no secret that content marketing has surged onto the scene […]

The sales experience: Steps to positively engage buyers

When it comes to purchasing power, experience holds a key role in the final decision-making process.  According to McKinsey research consultants, an experience accounts for two-thirds of the decision that actually drives the sale. Positive experiences result in higher profit margins. Engaging with potential buyers through 24-hour customer care lines, online chatrooms and social media outlets, […]

Guest Blogger, Mariama Holman: MultiView’s celebratory culture combats high millennial stress

On Aug. 27, MultiView is hosting an exclusive, employee-only party at the House of Blues in downtown Dallas featuring a live top-40 cover band from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. This Thursday’s party stems from a monumental achievement in the history of the company. On July 31, MultiView had its first $1,000,000 day, generating a record […]

Guest Blogger, Brian Mason: Site abandonment – 2 ways to transform abandonment into sales

What is abandonment? There are two forms of abandonment, as it applies in the online world: site abandonment and cart abandonment. Site abandonment refers to a potential customer that navigates through a company’s website and exits without visiting the contact or e-commerce page. Cart abandonment refers to a potential customer that visits the site’s e-commerce […]

Guest Blogger, Julie Bernhard: How to recruit new members through your e-newsletter

A survey was published recently that revealed some not so good news for the association membership sphere.  According to the survey, approximately 41 percent of mid-and large-sized associations are reporting stagnant or declining membership levels.  While the numbers may be brow-raising, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.  The key to turning the tables in […]

Guest Blogger, Christina Nava: 8 tips to have a successful internship

Upon landing my first content editing internship here at MultiView, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew it was going to be challenging, and I’d learn a lot. What I didn’t know was how much of a “real job” it would feel like. Internships are designed to give you on-the-job […]

Is Google+ relevant to B2B marketing?

As most marketers know, Google plays an important role in a company’s online exposure. However, many marketers are still contemplating the role Google+ plays in the B2B marketing world. There are plenty of social platforms that can be utilized, but companies should have a plan when deciding what platforms they plan to engage. Despite what […]

Guest Blogger, Dave Bowman: How to get the most out of networking opportunities at the ASAE Annual Meeting

The ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo starts this weekend. Obviously most attendees come planning to broaden their industry knowledge by attending at least some of the 120+ educational sessions. Hopefully, however, they won’t limit themselves to the presentations and seminars. Smart association execs will also take advantage of the myriad of networking opportunities offered at […]

4 tips for selling a new technology

The only thing constant is change. Unfortunately, customers still struggle with this simple fact. Even in the age of technology, selling a product that is new in the tech world can lead to multiple adoption barriers. The key to remedying this problem is finding how the target audience is positively affected by the change. This […]

Guest Blogger, Mariama Holman: Construction Workforce 2020

In light of an increasingly computerized world, traditionally manual-labor industries are becoming more tech-savvy. As a result of these changes, the workforce is becoming increasingly technologically intuitive and adaptive, thus changing the basic skills needed for job applicants.   The days where an abundance of physical strength and stamina were needed for a construction position […]

The advantages of a positive attitude & strong work ethic

“Your attitude determines your altitude.” It’s a phrase commonly used to lift perspective and encourage productivity. Although it may come off as cliché, there is merit in the cleverly worded couch. Everyone is looking for a way to better themselves.  Many would rather take a shortcut in order to achieve success, but it is often […]