Be the Rolex wearin’, diamond ring wearin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’ son of a gun

Sometimes you’ll go through your entire life without discovering why life is the way it is. How did I end up working for an association? Why does this business meeting have to be so early? How does Cameron Diaz still get work? I, too, wondered these same types of questions until I stumbled upon the […]

How Macklemore became a shining example for your business

It took nearly 20 years, but an independent artist finally sits atop the Billboard Hot 100 again. Unless you’ve been living with our beloved Kai, the homeless hatchet-wielding hitchhiker, you’ve undoubtedly heard that catchy sax beat that defines Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ smash hit, “Thrift Shop.” It’s the catchiest and most radio-friendly song in his […]

Ke$ha: What your association can learn from the warrior princess

A simple and catchy beat plays twice, and then you hear her voice take control of your eardrums. “Hot and dangerous. If you’re one of us, then roll with us. ‘Cause we make the hipsters fall in love when we’ve got our hot pants on and up.” Yes, of course she does. Ke$ha’s running this […]

Giving out free swag can give your office some much-needed swagger

Swag. It’s a word that you’ve probably heard over and over again on your Facebook wall, your Twitter feed, at your kitchen table or even in the office. It’s an obnoxious word those dastardly youth of today say to express their swagger to the world, all the while not realizing the ironic fact that everyone […]

The world was spared last night, but who was our watchful protector?

Well, the clock struck midnight in ‘Murica and Dec. 21, 2012 began to pass without the dreaded planet Nibiru colliding with Earth and apocalypting us into our prophesized end of days. We all woke up this morning with a strange sense of normalcy. There wasn’t a wild turn of events overnight. There isn’t a strange […]

Go home and be with the people you love

I had pretty much finished writing an entire post about being able to go out and enjoy yourself over the holidays doing whatever it is you wanted to do. I talked about my plans to go to a high school football game with my wife, my brother and my best friend – the people that […]