Going hard in the 4th quarter

“4th Quarter” by Chiddy Bang, is a classic MultiView tune, which is blared over the sound systems on every floor at 2:15 – the beginning of fourth quarter. It’s the final stretch of our MultiAwesome day.

After powering through a solid three quarters of the work day, productivity levels can easily hit a lull.

In the 1920s, Dr. Walter Eddy discovered the natural drop in energy levels, which occur at 10:30 a.m., 2:30 and 4:30 p.m. You might be familiar with Dr. Pepper’s 10-2-4 branding, originating from Eddy’s findings of energy-slump avoidance, if you eat or drink something at these times.

photo courtesy of Flickr

photo courtesy of Flickr

Ever wonder what your energy levels are like throughout an entire day? According to psychophysiologist Peretz Lavie, there are natural cycles that take place every 90 minutes called “ultradian rhythms.”

photo courtesy of DeeperDish

photo courtesy of DeeperDish

What helps you push through the fourth quarter? Is it coffee? Starbucks Venti, Black Iced Tea, 2 splendas, light water? Do you toss back a 5-Hour Energy? Or is it your own incentives that give you that afternoon kick … you can’t wait for your daughter’s first soccer game; or maybe you are anticipating that happy-hour cocktail at The Grand?

Are you hitting that afternoon wall? Here are the top 5 MultiBoosts to help you power through the final hours of the day:

1. Have a snack. They provide energy and you most likely haven’t had something to eat since lunch hour.

2. Go for a walk outdoors on the MV Trails (a made up trail across 161 next to a neighborhood) and get some fresh air. Some UV rays and a fresh breeze will surely be just the tune-up you need to persevere through the final countdown.

3. Get up! Move! Stretch! Dance! There is a team on the third floor that stretches every morning and afternoon to wake the body up. Also, there are a few editors who do a Barbie Dance workout video to liven up their energy.

4. Take a power nap. Studies have proved that a 30-minute nap increases productivity, attentiveness and even mood!

5. Socialize! An overheard conversation in the break room about the excitement over baseball season this year is just enough to get the entire company amped up on what 2013 will bring. There is also a group of editors who revive their energy during a friendly game of Hangman.

Editor Hangman break. It gets pretty competitive.

Editor Hangman break. It gets pretty competitive.

With these tips, you will be MulitArmed to recharge your batteries in the afternoon and your fourth quarter endurance will reign supreme and we will continue on the MultiPath to greatness.


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