Emma Fitzpatrick shares 3 powerful new ways your business can use social media

But this year social media should be more than just an outlet for your business’s marketing messages. Read on to learn three new ways your business can use social media.

Your Silent Salesman

And this content can all be consumed from the comfort of your office, your airplane seat or your living room.

Adios AIDA and ABC

This gives leaders time to move from emotional to effective.

Sandwich Marketing

When everything gets boiled down the objective of marketing campaigns and advertising is simple, generate enough interest in your product or service to bring the consumers of your campaign to a point where they take action. No matter how advanced our technology becomes business leaders still want to onboard new buyers, and keep existing buyers.

Management Lessons From Rory McIlroy

Often times lessons in life, business, and management are found the sports Americans love to watch.  Quotes from greats like Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky are found on motivational posters and social media memes across the web.  Quotes about missing all the shots you don’t take, and an inability to accept not trying.  These type […]

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan: A reason for Strategy

As much as modern businesses have benefited from the amazing surge in recent technology, they’re also up against other companies with all the same benefits at their disposal. This abundance has leveled the playing field, while at the same time made it completely unpredictable. Not everyone can find the right path in the amazing technological […]

Viva Content marketing!

Recently I read a post on LinkedIn stating that Content Marketing had ‘Jumped the Shark’.  I admit that I had to Google that term.  When I did I was surprised to learn what it meant.  Here’s the jist of it… “. . . the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline […]

Decision Makers are Dogs — and Cats

The art of sales benefits from an awareness of the different types of decision makers you will be facing while out in the field. No two prospects are alike, but certain patterns and tendencies are there if you know what to look for. Two distinct types of decision makers you’ll consistently encounter are the “dog” […]

Pioneer in the Workplace: Traditional vs Modern Office Culture

The success of any business depends on the excellence of its employees. To reach its full potential, a business needs to attract and retain the best in the field, and encourage and enable employees to give their best efforts at work. MultiView is one company that recognizes the value of its employees. It prides itself on being […]