Learning Lessons from Vegas in Promoting your Business

Vegas – not just for Gambling?

I recently returned from a trip for 2 to Vegas, compliments of MultiView!  I selected the weekend of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) event.  Years ago, I went to the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) in Vegas, so I thought the PBR would be fun as well. I was even in the movie “Pure Country” with George Strait, so I’m a natural in Vegas!

Vegas is full of promotional advertising.  From the minute you step off the plane, the Vegas visitor is inundated with advertisements.  There are videos in the taxi cab, not so desired hand outs on the street, billboards, etc.     

Faith and Tim are a must see; especially during PBR weekend.

 IMG_0974 (2)

 Vegas doesn’t take a gamble on promoting hotels, shows, businesses, & restaurants…they are in constant contact with their consumers via direct marketing with fliers, videos and bright light marques.

This had me thinking about my place of work and how we provide businesses with opportunities to reach their direct markets on a regular basis. MultiView works with over 1300 associations. We connect buyers to sellers digitally with association and industry News BriefsBuyer’s Guides and MultiWeb.  All newsletters are archived and can be viewed at any time with your laptop, desktop, phone, or Ipad .  This online media form is sent directly to subscribers each week.  Most importantly, it is sent to subscribers who are directly related to your area of focus.  The behind the scenes work is done for you with our production team creating your campaign.  Once your campaign goes live, the audience can sit back and enjoy the show. Or, in this case, receive the newsletter each week, advertise directly on association websites via MultiWeb or check for products and services offered in the Buyer’s Guide. Your target audience can be reached via a video, a banner, showcase, featured article, and much more.  Click here to view an example of a video that was linked to one of our dedicated blasts in the Veterinary Medicine Executive Briefing.

Ask yourself if you can remember what happened in Vegas the last time you were there?  Think about the most effective way to promote your message directly to your audience.  As the leading #1 digital publisher of business media for the association world in North America, MultiView is the  simple solution to market your product or service. 

-KC “Chatterbox”

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