Peep show: Someone is always watching you

Why the risqué headline? My reasons are threefold. 1) I wanted something to grab people’s attention (mission accomplished); 2) It’s a play on words that works pretty well with the point I’m trying to make; and 3) For those who are lucky enough to know me even a little, it will make them giggle and/or […]

When you speak, do people think ‘#nofilter’?

Have you ever had that colleague, friend or family member who just seemed to lack any sense of tact or general awareness of what is appropriate in certain situations? You know who I’m talking about. The colorful uncle who always starts off his best Christmas stories with some inappropriate joke or derogatory slur? Or that […]

Don’t be an email jerk

In my line of work, emailing is more common than actually speaking to another person. No … seriously. If you’ve actually spoken to me while conducting business, consider yourself a rarity. I can’t tell you how many emails I send and receive on any given day. It’s completely second nature to me at this point. […]

5 Business Lessons from ‘The Walking Dead’

Let’s face it. The age of zombie obsession is upon us. People can’t get enough of the evil undead. There have been numerous video games created encouraging children and grown men (and women…not me) to spend hours at a time killing them. There are countless television shows and movies based on the “inevitable” zombie apocalypse. […]

Totally ‘Doe-minate’ the boards today

Writers look for inspiration anywhere they can find it. The beauty of a magnificent rainbow. The carefree smile of a young child. The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day of a coworker. Or maybe the inspirational book that moves them to not only words, but action. But you know what? Sometimes – much like […]

You better believe IT!

They know our passwords. They have the ability to listen to our calls. They can read our emails if it’s necessary. They can reset the company’s servers at a moment’s notice. No, I’m not a Big Brother conspiracy theorist talking about the government. I’m talking about the MultiView IT department. I’m talking about those people […]

Multi-personality: Which one are you?

Hard fact. Nearly 83 percent of households today spend after-school or after-work hours watching television. Crazy, right? (Okay, okay. 83 percent is a number I made up to prove a point HIMYM style, but you get my drift). Most all people have at some point or another watched television. With that being said, most everyone […]

It was a simple ‘mis-blunder-standing’

I was recently out of the office for a couple of days, and when checking to see what I had missed over the weekend, I found my email inbox filled with more than 1,500 emails … from just two days! Now, granted, most of these emails were “out of office” replies, but still, the sheer […]

Do you see what I see?

Here we are, celebrating the most wonderful time of year with holiday songs aplenty. Every radio station you turn to, there’s another song about the season of perpetual hope. And while we all like to think we’re the master of lyrics, even the most astute holiday singer can mess it up by dropping the line “Now […]

Let’s remix this business!

Today is a day I have been looking forward to for months. I’ve had dreams about it. I’ve gone on and on about it in conversations with friends (and yes, sometimes strangers). I’ve posted statuses and pictures about it on Facebook. It is a day I know will bring countless smiles to my face, and […]

Could you be more ‘pacific?’

As a content editor for MultiView, it is my job to read, write and edit on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that carries over into my personal life and I am constantly correcting my friends when they misspeak, or am the first to point out errors on restaurant menus or billboards. It’s just part of who […]