Summer of The Cronut

Here at MultiView, understanding niche audiences is what we do. As a content editor, I’m constantly looking for the latest news stories to appeal to various trade and professional industry association members. Geoscientists, paramedics, coach bus operators…you get the picture. If you think about it, the goods and services these niche sectors provide serve the general public. That means you, the consumer!Image

Let’s say I’m preparing a news brief for a bakers’ association. They may want to know more about the latest innovations within the world of pastries. This summer, the latest food craze sweeping New Yorkers and the rest of the internet has been the cronut, invented by baker Dominique Ansel in his SoHo bakery. Customers line up as early as 6 a.m. for these delectable croissant/donut hybrids. They sell out instantly, naturally upping their demand and rareness factor. If you’re desperate though, cronut scalpers do exist!

Take a look at the markets for cupcakes and self-serve frozen yogurt. Cupcakes have been in the spotlight ever since Sex and The City popularized New York’s Magnolia Bakery, where customers lined up early in the morning to purchase sweet deliciousness. Hey, this sounds vaguely familiar…  Like any market facing a new and innovative product, there are sure to be others looking for a piece of the pie (or cronut). Toronto bakery Clafouti Patisserie recently introduced the ‘crookie’ – a croissant/Oreo hybrid. And cronut burgers have popped up, too.

By now, this hypothetical association of bakers might be wondering if cronuts will ever reach a saturation point. Or will we just write them off as a food trend of summer 2013? (Amongst all this hype, Ansel has gone and created frozen s’mores.) Niche products… increasingly mainstream audiences. The future is bright and delicious, and us MultiView-ers are on the case.

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