The best sales people don’t sell; they help people buy

At times, sales representatives are stereotyped as only concerned with the end result, the sale, and not the client’s decision-making journey. The best sales people take their client’s wants and needs and provide them with the product or service that best accommodates those needs. MultiView partners with more than 2,100 trade associations and offers a […]

Tips for Overcoming Objections in the Workplace

Many workplace leaders might remember those defining moments on their youth sports teams. They recall those opportunities where they could have taken a shot for the winning goal, or fallen back from the fear that they could not achieve their hopes. The legendary NBA Basketball star, Michael Jordan famously said “I‘ve missed more than 9,000 […]

Going digital with your sales pitch

The majority of decision makers are familiar with what a traditional media sales call involves.  In a traditional sales call, a rep simply presents subscriber demographics and then asks the client whom they are trying to target. If it is a match, the sales representative easily identifies the sale. If it is not– on to […]

Asking for the sale

Every salesperson knows that in order to complete a sale, one must ask the customer to buy. However, asking for the sale is sometimes the hardest part of the sales process, most likely because the sales person’s fear of being declined is greater than their desire for a sale. At MultiView, the sales representatives have […]

Get to the point and put more money in your pocket

It’s been two months since MultiView put me on a sales floor managed by an Aggie and on a team lead by an Aggie (our team name is “The Wrecking Crew”). They did place me behind a University of Texas fan, so some days, I get a small amount of relief from all of the maroon. College football aside, […]

5 things you can buy with $39.50

I have been blessed with a wonderful career at MultiView so far. I have been at the company since June 2012, and have worked in sales for several different projects, as well had the opportunity in November to be on the Public Relations Team. I truly enjoyed a trip back to public relations (I graduated with a […]

Rachelle Beshears, a MultiView sales role model

I have only been working at MultiView for five months, yet I have been given the opportunity to experience five unique and interesting roles. That’s the MultiView way. If you apply yourself and learn as much as you can right out the gate, you will be rewarded. One person that knows the most about determination […]

Lessons learned from association thought leaders via Twitter

MultiView’s leaders have been working in the association world since 2000. Much has changed in that time, and the Company has learned with association executives how to navigate such change and implement best practices. One way MultiView is participating in the discussion is thorough social media, especially Twitter. On Twitter, the Company is known as @MultiView and uses […]

MultiView…Gangnam Style!

Need a break from the Mondays? Check out this hilarious video made by MultiView’s Toronto office. They really give Psy a run for his money.

What are you thankful for?

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. The most important part of the holiday is to acknowledge and give thanks for everything we have and the people we love. We asked a few MultiViewers what they were most thankful for this holiday season. This poll started as a funny way to check in on our […]

MultiView addresses a common challenge faced by association executives

MultiView partners with over 1,100 associations to deliver industry-specific content to their members and other industry professionals. The Company’s digital media products give associations new non-dues revenue and member benefits at no cost. MultiView’s Partnership Managers have the opportunity to interact with current association partners and cultivate new relationships with new ones. This gives them […]

MultiView’s Industry Vertical Web Series

In taking the next step in digital media and advertising, MultiView produced an innovative web comedy rivaling comedies such as The Office and Parks and Recreation called School & Board.  MultiView has found a way to vertically market to hundreds of different industries with the company’s buyer’s guides, news briefs and learning centers. School & Board is the […]

Speaking with the media: A primer for nonprofits

The Association Management Executive Briefing, MultiView‘s weekly newsbrief entirely targeted toward association executives, published the following interview with Douglas Casa, Chief Operating Officer of the Korey Stringer Institute and Professor and Director of Athletic Training at the University of Connecticut. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below: Whether your association is […]

There is no “I” in team

Everyone has heard the phrase above countless times, but what does it mean for sales? I will let you in on a little secret of MultiView’s success as the number one digital publisher for association branded, business to business content. We do everything in teams. Below is a description of the company’s organizational hierarchy. The […]

MultiView Hires the Next Generation of Sales Prodigies

I met Mark Franklin, MultiView’s Director of College Recruiting, at a University of Texas baseball tailgate in April. At that time, I was living in Birmingham, Ala., engaged and preparing to move back to Texas with my fiancé as he was transferred to his company’s Dallas office. I was overjoyed to be back in Texas […]