Are You Guilty? Take the Pledge!

It’s a weekday morning and you’re stuck in rush hour traffic. What do you do? You pull out your iPhone. You check your calendar for the appointments you have today… OR you’re on your way to a meeting and running late so you just grab your cell phone to make a quick call… OR you’re driving home […]

What do you want in Life? What is your Goal?

Ask anyone from anywhere around the globe and their answer will go something like this: “I WANT TO BE HAPPY!” And isn’t that the truth… Today is the International Day of Happiness… UGH! What is that? Where does it come from?  When I first found out, I reacted the exact same way you did:  I didn’t know such a celebration existed!  […]

And the secret ingredient is…

… Well of course I’m going to make you wait! 🙂  ‘The secret ingredient for what?’ you might ask!  That’s a very difficult question because I’m talking about everything.  Are you fully puzzled yet?? Here are a few hints to help you guess what this very special thing is: I sustained your life from the very beginning […]

Take a few seconds to make someone’s day

Employee Appreciation Day was last week; did you receive cookies, balloons, flowers, breakfast, lunch, or some other kind of gift? Maybe it was even overlooked totally? Regardless, you don’t need a specific holiday to tell your employees how special they are to your team, organization and company!  According to Career Bright, “75% to 80% of American workers said […]

What does your financial future look like?

Do you live to work or work to live? How long are you planning on staying at your current job? How old do you want to be when you retire? Can you afford to retire now or will you need to work well into your old age? I know these are very tough but necessary […]

Laughter: it’s Good for your Health!

I love to read, watch videos and listen to jokes & funny stories – some are hilarious, others are just so cute that you smile real big and say “Awwww”, while others crack you up so much that you wish you were wearing Depends! I received a link to a comedian’s skit this morning and I […]

7 Steps to a Happy & Healthy Heart!

If you’re anything like me, all you saw yesterday were gorgeous flowers, sweets and hearts of all types & sizes.  Yes, it was Valentines’ Day… a day where you show your love to those you care the most about.  Did you remember the most important person? Yes, that’s correct, it’s YOU!  February is National Heart […]

Employee Self-Service: a Win-Win Proposition

When I started with MultiView (over 7 years ago), there were 25 employees… we now have well north of 650 in 4 locations. Talk about significant growth!  In the beginning, most things were manual and paper-based, but about 3 years ago, we started on a journey that would change my job tremendously… There are numerous  HRIS (Human […]

Look what just ‘FLU’ by…

I absolutely LOVE taking the DART train; it’s an easy, stress-free, convenient way to travel around the city- and you just can’t beat the price! The other day, I took the DART on my way to a Mavs game. On my right, a couple was trying to keep their kid from kicking the lady in front of […]