When Your Team Needs a Breather

Everyone just loves those team building activities, don’t they? Ok, maybe not. But every once in a while, your team may need to let loose and enjoy each other’s company for a few minutes. Here at MultiView, you will find all sorts of games and activities going on during break, ranging from ping-pong to basketball to Catchphrase. Playing a game during break time is a great way to get your team re-energized for the rest of the day and get warmed up for whatever is next on their agenda.

Recently, my team and I played “The Sentence Game”, which I found on a blog called The Red Headed Hostess. It is basically a mix between telephone and Pictionary. Even though the author describes playing this game with her family, it works well with any large group of people!

Photo Credit: The Red Headed Hostess

To play this game, you will first need to print off the template, or you can make your own – just make sure there is 1 per person.

  • Once everyone has a template, everyone will need to write a statement about themselves or someone else in the room in the first section. Be sure to keep this statement a secret! Also, make it a little complicated so that it’s harder to guess what that statement might as the game goes on.
  • Next, pass your paper to the next person and they will draw a picture of the statement that is written. Once this is completed, the first section will need to be folded over so only the picture is showing at the top before it is passed to the next person.
  • Continue in this way until everyone has reached the bottom of the paper.

It’s hilarious to see what people have come up with and how morphed the statement gets. This allows for a good laugh amongst your team, as well as  a usually much-needed break.

Try this game out with your team and comment with your before and after statements. My statement was “Victoria has been to 6 Margaritavilles” and it turned into “We’re going barhopping tonight”. Enjoy!

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