A Passionate Sole

Hip-hop has taught me a lot about money…and my subsequent lack of it. A lot about the daily hustle and stacking money to the ceiling; and although the language might not be universally accepted, the message is. Why do we work? Sure, we work to better ourselves, to achieve something greater, to accomplish, to grow […]

Thoughts in the air

At two miles above the planet Earth, it doesn’t make much sense to jump out of a moving vehicle, you know, because it’s two miles above the ground; and jumping out of a perfectly stable plane is probably not on the list of safest things to do in life. A free fall at more than 120 […]

What a short, strange trip

As humans, we struggle and struggle in life just to learn how to overcome and when it feels as though we have exhausted all of our opportunities, it just clicks and it becomes much easier, much more exciting and it isn’t just something we have to do; it is something we want to do and […]

Selling like the NBA

There isn’t much you can learn about sales through watching basketball unless you are trying to sell a foul. Am I right, LeBron? That was a poorly introduced flopping joke and I apologize for that, but in all seriousness there is much to learn from watching game plans and strategy that anyone can apply to […]

Live a Little Faster

I feel this write-up needs a little bit of an intro as it is completely different from what I normally post. I like it though, because it really expresses my thoughts and feelings on living anything but a stagnant lifestyle. With that being said, this post is in no way, shape or form encouraging people to go out […]

Why the NBA Playoffs Matter

Well, we are more than 30 games into the NBA playoffs and this is my first post regarding basketball, so consider yourselves lucky (insert sarcastic tone here). I have been on quite the precise schedule since they started. Work, gym, basketball game No. 1 and then basketball game No. 2 with a minor tweeting obsession throughout […]

Get into it

In the middle of Texas Tech’s United Spirit Arena, I took off from the baseline and with basketball in hand; I went between my legs, spun off a defender, crossed back over to my left, stepped back for a three-pointer and shot the most majestic air ball ever seen. It was pathetic, but glorious in […]

Are you too complacent?

Complacency is a true problem. Our normal, day-to-day lives attribute to this on a scale that is too gargantuan to calculate. We have our set schedules from beginning of the day to end. Then on weekends most of us use the time as an escape of sorts from the rigidness and habitual nature of the […]

A Peep into Persuasion

I am currently taking a few classes on persuasion. Now, to my disappointment, I have not and do not think this class will teach me any Jedi mind tricks and no, I am not capable of buying round after round of drinks, then flashing a smile and getting my drinks for free as well as […]

A Summer Summary of Films

I’m no professional movie critic, but I am really good at watching new trailers in theaters and saying, “That looks awesome,” just loud enough so that the people I’m with know I might like to see the aforementioned film, but not too loud as to be THAT guy that nobody wants to sit by during […]

There is Always Next Year

Did you wake up an hour late today because your roommate thought that depriving you of an hour of sleep would be funny? Was the hot water non-existent in your shower this morning? Do you have an Email  or Facebook updates from one or several of your friends that says they are pregnant/engaged or some […]

The Takeaways

Marshall Henderson has been the most polarizing enigma within college hoops this season. Love him or hate him, you have to respect him, but really, you don’t even have to do that. I wrote this last night before Ole Miss ended up on the short side of a one-point game and missed their shot at […]

The Joys of March

“Basketball is like poetry in motion.” Those words from Jesus Shuttlesworth in Spike Lee’s He Got Game resonate with me on a daily basis, for others, it’s only for a fortnight in March. But is there really any other event in sports that happens on yearly basis that gets so many people excited for something […]

The Cheat Day

I had this post planned out. I researched and found countless articles and studies on how maintaining an active lifestyle has a positive influence on the way you approach your job, but then this happened. I can’t compete with that. Happy co-workers on medicine balls. Yeah right, Nic, you have no chance. Then I thought […]

Giving up isn’t an option

As the final buzzer sounded, I saw Brock running from the 3-point line, jumping in the air and simultaneously pumping his fist. My mind stuck in the 1989 playoffs as images of Michael Jordan and Craig Ehlo began filling my thoughts. Mark and Craig embraced each other, their eyes were closed as their smiles grew, […]