“It’s a love story, baby, just say…” NO!!! For the love of God, just say NO, Taylor!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or are a part of the “Luby crew” still waiting in line to get on “The Price is Right,” then you’ve heard about “the dump” heard ‘round the world. Taylor “Too” Swift has yet again strummed her way into another A-lister’s arms only to be thrown back to […]

“When to quit and when to stick”

About 6 years ago, a book called “The Dip,” which discusses the art of quitting, was given to me by a sales mentor. I didn’t read but two pages, before I thought, “Yup, I’ve got it. Sometimes you need to quit and move on from the wrong things in order to devote more time to […]

Attitude and Activity

I finally realized after staring at a blank screen for two hours that my struggle in trying to come up with a blog topic stemmed from the fact that my whole MO has been thrown off lately, and I really haven’t been my normal happy-go-lucky self. Let me explain. Recently, my sister’s ex-boyfriend of four […]