A Very MultiView Halloween (Part 2)

Did we not say Halloween was a big deal at MultiView? Well, in case you haven’t heard or need a little refresher, let me tell you about two of my favorite Halloween memories here at the View.


One of my favorite Halloween memories was back in 2011, when a group from our production team went as “Fast Food Mafia.” What is “Fast Food Mafia,” you ask? Exactly what it sounds like- fast food mascot crime lords. We had Ron “The Don” McDonald, BK “The King”, “The Colonel” Sanders, along with many others. This was an original idea that was well executed and well received by everyone.

Fast Food Mafia

Another one of my favorites was when our Creative Director, Sean Lowery, and I went as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from AMC’s Breaking Bad in 2012. We not only dressed up, but also converted a VP’s office into a lab, stocked with chemical supplies, money and blue candy we handed out to visitors. Everything turned out perfect. The 6+ man-hours of constructing and weeks of ordering equipment was well worth it. We even won MultiView’s “Best Creative Space” award.

breaking bad

I can’t wait to see what people are doing this year. Only 8 days until showtime!

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