Coaching the coach

In the next few weeks, kids, or rather their parents, will be registering to play on baseball and softball teams this spring and summer. They’ll stand in lines before folding tables in community centers or local restaurants, answering questions from serious adults they’ve never seen before. That can be an intimidating scenario for adults, let […]

Family relationships provide lessons for work interaction

By now, you’ve had a good amount of holiday family time, in some cases maybe too much family time. You ate too much, stayed up too late and you’ve been out of your routine for too many days in a row. But you can get back into your work routine – in a way – […]

A lucky (lifetime) result starts with effort

I’m a lucky man. Today is the anniversary of the day my wife and I got married, and not just a regular run-of-the-mill anniversary; it’s a milestone. So I’m a lucky man, and if I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that I’d be a lucky man. A favorite saying of mine is […]

Keep your focus and the drama will ‘hustle’ away

It seems as though everything is a scramble nowadays, probably because the holidays and the end of the year are bearing down on us. Even traffic seems more chaotic. And if you’ve eaten at a restaurant lately, have you noticed that the staff appears to be in more of a hurry. Some people call it […]