Why organizations and employees should be actively engaged in corporate social media

A recent study published by The State of Corporate Social Media reports that over 470 U.S. and European companies stated that social media is becoming a more important part of their marketing efforts. Additionally, 61% of the over 850 companies surveyed worldwide stated that social media has impacted internal structures, departmental organization, workflow, and responsibilities. […]

4 Ways to avoid complacency at work

The most recent national study published about employee engagement shows that 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work, meaning that only ¼ of all employed Americans are actively involved in their day-to-day tasks in the workplace. While this is concerning for employers in the realms of recruiting and working to engage current employees, […]

Playing in the workplace

The 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition is offering a multitude of educational sessions that would benefit any professional, but one of these particular sessions- scheduled on Sunday, August 30 and entitled “Have Fun at Work…Learn How to Play”– really stands out. Below is the synopsis by the speaker, Rhea Blanken of Blanken Consulting/Results Technology, […]

3 Keys to maximizing your 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo experience

The 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo in Nashville is quickly approaching. Between the exhibit hall and the list of dynamic speakers- not to mention all of the the social networking events and seminars- mapping out your schedule in order to maximize your conference potential may seem daunting. With that being said, here are some things to consider before you leave for this year’s conference in […]

Guest blogger, Amanda Kaiser: How is your mindset affecting your career?

Groggy and struggling to wake up in the morning, have you ever had someone say to you “somebody woke up on the wrong side of bed”? Whether well-meaning or snarky, that phrase does nothing to change your outlook on the day. But it does have the ring of truth to it. How much does our […]

The benefits of a merit-based promotional structure

There is a lot to be said for “paying your dues” at a company in hopes of being rewarded at some point in the future. While many companies today still promote their employees based on tenure, others are beginning to see the value in merit-based promotions- especially when it comes to employing Generation Y.   […]

The Key Ingredients to Your Association’s Success

As an employee of the leading B2B digital publisher in the association space, I have come across multiple inspiring association executives and thought leaders who want do what it takes to keep their associations at the forefront of their industries. I have also acquired a wealth of knowledge from each of these individuals about sustaining […]

Holiday Advertising: 4th of July Edition

It’s that time of year again where people from around the nation collectively wave their stars and stripes and celebrate America’s independence! ‘MURICA! To help get you readers into the mood for your July 4th weekend (not like you need an excuse to celebrate FREEDOM), I have listed below some of my favorite patriotic commercials over the past decade. Check […]

Throwback Thursday: Association Edition

As MultiView‘s M Blogs have been underway for quite some time (and reach multiple audiences), I have decided to honor #TBT by providing a compilation of blog posts by a group of association thought-leaders who have recently covered the topics of member engagement and advice for emerging association professionals. Whether or not you are heavily involved in the association world, the […]

The Importance of Having Hobbies Outside of Your Career

According to Dictionary.com a hobby is an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. Some hobbies include running, dancing, exploring the outdoors, playing sports, sewing, reading, and collecting items such as buttons (I’ve never really understood this one, but to each their own!). There are plenty of other […]

Multi Marketing: The Greatest World Cup Ad. Ever.

It’s that wonderful time again! That time every four years where people from around the Globe tune in to watch men’s team match-ups in an internationally loved sport, fùtbol (or, ya know, soccer for those of us in the U.S.). The FIFA World Cup! As most of you reading this know, the widely popular event is being […]

Multi Marketing: IKEA’s Brilliant Advertising Strategy

I recently came across a blog post by one of my college pals, Griffin Shaffer, on barkpost.com about IKEA‘s latest advertising strategy; and I think it’s hands-down one of the coolest ideas I’ve heard in a while! So naturally, I have to share it with our readers. “As part of a new project developed by the Home for Hope […]

20 Things You Need to Accept About Your 20s?

So I came across an interesting blog post on huffingtonpost.com this morning entitled “20 Things You Need to Accept About Your 20s.” Of course, this intrigued me because I myself am in my 20s. If there are 20 things that need acceptance during this decade of my life (which I’m over halfway through), I need to know […]

Memorial Day Happenings in Dallas

I feel the need to first mention that Memorial Day is a federal holiday where we remember men and women who passed away while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Obviously, this day holds a special place in my heart as I come from a family heavily involved in the military. I am so thankful for those who have […]

Tom Morrison’s Secrets to Member Engagement

Happy MemberViews Monday, everyone! This week’s post regarding our association blogger collaboration topic, “The Secret to Member Engagement is…,” references links to advice from association guru, Tom Morrison. As an association CEO and affluent speaker, Tom knows the ins and outs of the association world! Be sure to follow him on Twitter @tommorrison and check out his blog at http://www.tommorrison.blogspot.com.   To […]