What is behavioral marketing? A quick overview for B2B marketers

By Kaley Kite, partner relations marketing specialist The easiest way to describe B2B behavioral marketing (or “behavioral targeting”) is with a Web advertising example. Let’s say you’re a law firm and you need a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to keep track of all of your customers. What is the first thing you’re going […]

Pioneers in Workplace Dynamics: A Dunking Good Time

At many companies, talk of corporate culture can be a bit boring. Here at MultiView, we do things a little bit differently. Our culture and work life is different – way different – than the typical office environment. Some may call it weird, but we wouldn’t dream of doing it any other way. Maintaining and protecting […]

12 surefire signs you’re an online marketing professional

A sale from an email blast is a better love story than the notebook. You brag about your e-mail blast open rates to your colleagues. Infographics and slide decks make you giddy. Everything is a potential blog post. You point out good use of product placement while watching movies. You judge wines by their labels. Even […]

Monetizing Your Website

Today, more than ever, associations are having a difficult time raising funds needed to thrive in their given industry. Members are questioning whether or not they should renew their memberships, and staffs are desperate to raise revenue without raising dues. One of the solutions to this problem is website advertising. Most, if not all, associations […]