Going hard in the 4th quarter

“4th Quarter” by Chiddy Bang, is a classic MultiView tune, which is blared over the sound systems on every floor at 2:15 – the beginning of fourth quarter. It’s the final stretch of our MultiAwesome day. After powering through a solid three quarters of the work day, productivity levels can easily hit a lull. In […]

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Surrounded by the glorious beauty of the mountains in Crested Butte, Colo., over the break, in full vacation mode, I was dizzy with desire to learn how to ski. What started as quiet confidence and a sarcastically-positive attitude, eventually morphed into annoyance, frustration and an influx of curse words. Ski school, labeled as “The Full […]

For Auld Lang Syne

When I was a small child, at Thanksgiving time, by grandmother’s request, the family would circle up and one-at-a-time share with the family what we were thankful for. What started in prayer form would evolve into laughter, tears and consensual joy. After doing this for many years, somewhere within the past 5 years, Grandma decided […]

There is a ‘me’ in team

We’ve all heard it. “There’s no ‘i’ in team.” This can be quietly countered with, “But, there is a ‘me,’ though.” I’ve jokingly used this, a lot. But now I truly understand the meaning of why there isn’t a need for “i” in team. This past weekend I actively chose to split a marathon with […]